I'm Pono Your New Community Organizer

by Daniel Takamori on May 18, 2021

Hi there, my name is Daniel Pono Takamori and I'm the new Community Organizer and Nonprofit Problem Solver here at Conservancy! My background is in running free software as infrastructure so you might've filed a ticket with me somewhere in the past :) I'm looking forward to this new non-technical role as community support. Being able to bring my skills to help further software freedom here at Conservancy is a very exciting new chapter to me. With projects ranging from programming languages to make programming languages, to community building and mentorship programs, the breadth and spread of projects is incredible. Conservancy projects really help keep you grounded in the varied relationships all people have with software. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds, approaches and lived experiences.

I recently gave a keynote at SeaGL 2020 and found the experience of being able to share my non-technical thoughts about technical subjects very invigorating. Speaking more to the human experience of computing technology and the effects computers can have on us. It's with this lens that I hope to bring a more nuanced and compassionate view to the world of software freedom. It's easy to get lost in the billion dollar industries that rely on our labor, but at the end of the day we are people working together with people.

Going forward in this new remote friendlier world, I'm hopeful for more accessible communication. Both with remote friendly conferences, more free software being used to communicate and a more universal understanding that we are people first. While my day to day will probably be lots of email and meetings, I'm excited to find ways to help augment communities with tools like Apache STeVe and freeing projects from proprietary communication tools. Please help me help you by letting us know how Conservancy can be better. Whether it's a more active social media presence, IRC office hours, or if there's an event or project you think we should know about.

I can't believe that after volunteering with Conservancy and contributing to member projects, I now have the honor of championing the great work that WE do.

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