Software Freedom Conservancy is a nonprofit organization centered around ethical technology. Our mission is to ensure the right to repair, improve and reinstall software. We promote and defend these rights through fostering free and open source software (FOSS) projects, driving initiatives that actively make technology more inclusive, and advancing policy strategies that defend FOSS (such as copyleft). Learn more.

Vizio Lawsuit

Software Freedom Conservancy has filed a Motion for Remand in our lawsuit against Vizio for their flagrant GPL & LGPL violations

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We recently filed a Motion for Remand in our lawsuit against Vizio for their flagrant GPL violations, alleged with great detail in our complaint in California state court. This skirmish in what will likely be a long lawsuit is of particular interest, because the issues explored directly address one fundamental legal truth of the GPL: it simultaneously operates as a copyright license granted by the copyright holders and as a contract that benefits everyone in the software supply chain — most importantly, the consumers at the end of that supply chain. Read more…



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right-to-repair software

The ability to repair the software on your device in the same way you can repair the physical aspects of your tools. Software Freedom Conservancy asserts that this right is overlooked and needs additional legal protections (as the FTC has agreed with) to protect consumers. Software Freedom Conservancy focuses specifically on the right to software repair; other great organizations like the Repair Association focus on the right to hardware repair. The two rights go hand-in-hand in our modern world where nearly all electronic devices also have small computers inside them.

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