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Software Freedom Conservancy is a not-for-profit charity that helps promote, improve, develop, and defend Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects. Conservancy provides a non-profit home and infrastructure for FLOSS projects. This allows FLOSS developers to focus on what they do best — writing and improving FLOSS for the general public — while Conservancy takes care of the projects' needs that do not relate directly to software development and documentation.

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September 14, 2016

Conservancy's Executive Director Delivered Keynote Address at BroCon

Karen Sandler, Software Freedom Conservancy's Executive Director, delivered the keynote address at BroCon yesterday in Austin, Texas. BroCon is the annual conference of the Bro Network Security Monitor Project. Bro is one of Conservancy's member projects, having joined Conservancy in 2015. BroCon is where the Bro user and developer community meet to discuss the Bro project and strategize on methods to better secure computer networks. While the Bro Project is 20 years old, the conference has grown by over 50% in recent years.


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Help Send Conservancy to Embedded Linux Conference Europe

Posted by Bradley M. Kuhn on September 21, 2016

Last month, Conservancy made a public commitment to attend Linux-related events to get feedback from developers about our work generally, and Conservancy's GPL Compliance Program for Linux Developers specifically. As always, even before that, we were regularly submitting talks to nearly any event with Linux in its name. As a small charity, we always request travel funding from the organizers, who are often quite gracious. As I mentioned in my blog posts about LCA 2016 and GUADEC 2016, the organizers covered my travel funding there, and recently both Karen and I both received travel funding to speak at LCA 2017 and DebConf 2016, as well as many other events this year.

Recently, I submitted talks for the CFPs of Linux Foundation's Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELC EU) and the Prpl Foundation's OpenWRT Summit.

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Starting Out at Conservancy

Posted by Brett Smith on September 15, 2016

Brett Smith discusses his initial impressions and efforts as Conservancy's new Director of Strategic Initiatives.

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