Software Freedom Conservancy is a nonprofit organization centered around ethical technology. Our mission is to ensure the right to repair, improve and reinstall software. We promote and defend these rights through fostering free and open source software (FOSS) projects, driving initiatives that actively make technology more inclusive, and advancing policy strategies that defend FOSS (such as copyleft). Learn more.

Use The Source!

SFC recently launched a new software right to repair tool, which lets you submit and comment on source candidates that device manufacturers are required to give you. With your help, we can find and improve the source candidates for your devices, so you can fix, modify, and improve your devices as their software authors intended! Check it out!


Use the Source! A Revolution in Grassroots Software Right to Repair

SFC launches key tool in the fight for user rights at FOSDEM

February 3, 2024

This past weekend at FOSDEM, Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) announced an innovative new community tool in the software right to repair: Use The Source. Use The Source is an elegant collaborative platform for users to catalog, find and test source code candidates for real products to verify their reproducibility and reinstallability. Users can discuss whether their device's software is repairable, so they know if the device can be fixed or updated, especially to fix security vulnerabilities or otherwise adapt it to their needs.

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