Conservancy News Round-up July

by Deb Nicholson on August 7, 2019

Plenty of code and free software discussion! This month we again have news from interns who are writing free software, plus lots of upcoming events with staff and several more put on by our member projects.

Recent Videos

Our Director of Community Operations, Deb Nicholson went to DebConf last month to connect with supporters and folks from member projects.

Deb also gave a talk on Free Software/Utopia.

Upcoming talks from staff

Our Executive Director, Karen Sandler, will be keynoting Abstractions on August 21-23 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Deb will keynote GUADEC at the end of the month in Thessaloniki, Greece. She’ll be talking about free software and utopia. While there, she’ll be holding a local Supporters meet-up later on Monday night at Elefantas at 6pm and sticking around for the open days to SpinachCon with GNOME projects on Tuesday.

Our Distinguished Technologist, Bradley M. Kuhn, is keynoting the 8th edition of Kernel Recipes in Paris on September 26 & 27. Conservancy is this year’s featured non-profit beneficiary. Registration opened this week.

Karen is also keynoting State of the Map in Heidelberg on Saturday, Septemebr 21st.

Outreachy: Interns are past the halfway point

GSoC students working on Conservancy projects this summer

Code releases

Member Projects: Summer Work and Fall Plans

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