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We're Hiring: Techie Bookkeeper

February 14, 2019

Thanks to the help of all of our donors and Supporters, Conservancy is hiring for a critical position in our organization. Please help us spread the word, and if this is a position you're interested in please apply!

Techie Bookkeeper

Software Freedom Conservancy is looking for a new employee to help us with important work that supports our basic operations. Conservancy is a nonprofit charity that promotes and improves free and open source software projects. We are home to almost 50 projects, including Git, Inkscape, Etherpad, phpMyAdmin, and Selenium (to name a few). Conservancy is the home of Outreachy, an award winning diversity intiative, and we also work hard to improve software freedom generally. We are a small but dedicated staff, handling a very large number of financial transactions per year for us and our member projects.

We seek a fifth full-time employee who will help us with our day-to-day bookkeeping needs. Our bookkeeping system is unique in that it requires technical skill to use. We hope that our new employee will help us with our bookkeeping needs today and in the future grow and develop along with the organization.

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