Software Freedom Conservancy is a nonprofit organization centered around ethical technology. Our mission is to ensure the right to repair, improve and reinstall software. We promote and defend these rights through fostering free and open source software (FOSS) projects, driving initiatives that actively make technology more inclusive, and advancing policy strategies that defend FOSS (such as copyleft). Learn more.

Use The Source!

SFC recently launched a new software right to repair tool, which lets you submit and comment on source candidates that device manufacturers are required to give you. With your help, we can find and improve the source candidates for your devices, so you can fix, modify, and improve your devices as their software authors intended! Check it out!


FOSSY is back in Portland - August 1-4th at Portland State University

March 28, 2024

Exterior shot of Smith Memorial Student Union building at Portland State University Campus

CC-BY 3.0

Join us at FOSSY this year, Thursday August 1st - Sunday August 4th at the Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union. We're looking forward to convening another conference that shows the multiple facets of what it means to work with, advocate for, and build free software in community. Last year we had over 300 attendees from over 10 countries! There was an incredible diversity of community led tracks, covering FOSS for Education, Right to Repair, Worker-Owner Co-ops that write and use FOSS, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and FOSS, to name a few. This year we hope to see a return of some of the great tracks and ideas that inspired us and an introduction of new tracks. If you would like to host a track, please consider applying to our community track proposals. We will be hosting office hours at 19:00 UTC on Tuesdays and Thursdays on our XMPP/ IRC channel if you would like to chat with someone about your proposal.

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