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Bosch SHP65CM5N Dishwasher round 1 of N

Vendor: Bosch

Device: SHP65CM5N

Released: Feb. 5, 2024

This source candidate was received after exercising an offer for source that was provided for the device.


denver — March 5, 2024, 4:58 p.m.
There is no top-level README or similar in this source candidate, so we tried reviewing the subdirectories. However, it was clear we did not receive "the scripts used to control compilation and installation of the library" for at least one package, since all we found inside SMB-65.2-OSS-Shared/libnl-1_3.5.0-r0 was a libnl-3.5.0.tar.gz file that is identical to what you can download from the upstream project here:

So there was no information on which cross-compiler to use, or how to otherwise compile and install libnl onto the SHP65CM5N.

There may be other deficiencies in this source candidate as well, which others can post here if they like. However, the source candidate is not complete as-is regardless, so we would expect another candidate to resolve this.

Header image adapted from Stars 01 by Mathias Krumbholz (CC BY-SA 3.0 Deed). Icons adapted from Magnifying Glass by Rohith M S, Magnifying Glass by icondesign178 and Upload by sureya from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)

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