FOSSY schedule announcement

June 19, 2023

The FOSSY schedule has been set! With four days of talks and workshops, we are looking forward to a fantastic conference. Thanks to all our incredible track organizers and speakers for working with us to create a jam packed weekend of FOSS. We look forward to building this conference with you all in Portland, OR this July 13-16th.

Join us Thursday the 13th for registration and a welcome lunch, then there are 2 workshops and 3 tracks to choose from! Grow Your Project Workshop, Free BSD Workshop, AArch64/ARM64 Servers and Open Source, FOSS For Education, XMPP.

Friday the 14th we'll begin with a keynote and coffee and continue with FOSS For Education, Sustainable Open Source Business, Community: Open Source in Practice, FOSS at Play: Games, creative development, and open technology, and 2 half day tracks for BSD Unix and Copyleft and Compliance.

Saturday the 15th has continuations for FOSS For Education and Community: Open Source in Practice also FOSS in Daily Life, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and FOSS, Security, Issues in Open Work.

Sunday the 16th rounds out the conference with day 2 of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and FOSS and Software Worker Coops, Open Source AI + Data, Container Days, Science of Community.

Registration is open and ticket sales are ramping up. Be sure to buy your ticket to give us time to accommodate food orders and dietary restrictions. And our hotel block at the Hyatt still has rooms available that we want to fill. It's a great time to visit Oregon so make the most and see some sights while you are there.

If you would like to volunteer, we are looking for people to help out with setup/ cleanup, room hosting, code of conduct enforcement and the other tasks listed on our volunteering page. Volunteers will get a complimentary ticket, good for all 4 days of the conference.

We are so thankful for all the effort and patience the community has shown us with our first time running a conference. As this first year will be a learning opportunity for us, we hope to gain experience from working cooperatively with all of you to find out how to best serve our community and provide a meaningful conference experience. Working with you all is a pleasure and thank you so much for building this conference with us!

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