New Software Freedom Conservancy Introduction Video

We Make Software Freedom Easier to Understand

May 12, 2022

We strive to make the concepts and impacts of software freedom accessible to everyone. We are thus so pleased to show you our new video! This video (deftly narrated by our own Executive Director, Karen Sandler) explains what we do. Our charity has a very specific focus — and so many outside of the FOSS community don't know yet how our work defends their rights. Software freedom belongs to everyone, and we seek to reach all kinds of people.

We practice what we preach: this video was created with Free Software and is a testament to the quality and creativity that FOSS enables. Soon, we'll post a blog where the creator of the video will explain their methodology and philosophy behind using FOSS tools. For now, please enjoy this delightful video! We hope that it's a useful reference point to help you encourage the artists that you know to try out more Free Software.

We thank all of you so much for your interest and support; it's through individuals like you who care passionately about software rights and freedoms that embolden and fund us to do this work. If you want to support us there are many ways to do it, such as becoming a Sustainer. If you've already donated, please do also share this video on your blogs and microblogs!

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