Fundraising match goal reached (and surpassed) in record time!

Full match of $159,191 with more coming in

January 6, 2022

We're amazed and humbled to announce that, thanks to an unprecedented outpouring of support, Software Freedom Conservancy has already surpassed this year's match challenge. Despite the goal being the most ambitious one yet, this is the fastest we've ever reached this milestone. Donations are continuing to come in. As the number creeps higher as we near our fundraiser end date of January 15, we believe that each dollar above our goal sends this message loud and clear: pursuing software freedom is an important goal for our society.

We are proud of our sustainers and donors who, even during this difficult time, have contributed towards our work. We are so excited to continue doing the important work like what we accomplished in the past year:

It is our incredible pleasure to be funded by people like you so that we can remain unbeholden to corporate interests and pursue software freedom for all above all else. Whether donors gave $31, $127 or $10,004, every single dollar makes a huge difference. With this historic match challenge completed, we're excited to go into this new year with the support of you all.

Thank you so much for contributing and let's see which prime number we will hit in the next 10 days! Donate here.

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