Generous Match Challenge from Individual Conservancy Supporters for Annual Fundraiser

November 24, 2020

We are pleased to launch our annual fundraiser today with a match challenge of $111,029. This match is extremely exciting (not only because it is a prime number for the second year but also) because the pledges comes entirely from individuals (not companies!) who care deeply about software freedom. The bulk of this match challenge was provided by one very generous donor who prefers to remain anonymous. Their amount was augmented by six Conservancy Supporters (listed alphabetically) who came together to increase the match even more: Jeremy Allison, Kevin P. Fleming, Roan Kattouw, Jim McDonough, Allison Randal and Daniel Vetter. You'll be hearing more about why they joined this year's match donation in interviews on our blog in the coming weeks.

Sign up as a Supporter now or renew your Support by January 15th and have your donation count twice!

This year's been difficult for everyone, but Conservancy has worked hard to contribute as much as possible during this time. Did you know that Conservancy spent about $1.5 million dollars to fund software freedom projects and initiatives? And, that Outreachy provided the most internships this past year than ever before? And, that we've launched new strategic efforts to defend copyleft for software in our community? Read more about Conservancy's work and accomplishments over the past year on our Supporter page.

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