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Teaching Open Source Joins Conservancy

June 15, 2017

Software Freedom Conservancy is proud to announce that Teaching Open Source has joined Conservancy as a member project. Teaching Open Source (TOS) is a community of educators, developers, and organizations who create resources and document best practices for teaching free and open source software development, principles, and methods in the classroom.

Conservancy, a public charity focused on ethical technology, acts as a home to more than forty member projects dedicated to developing, promoting, and defending free and open source software. Conservancy acts as a corporate umbrella, allowing member projects to operate as charitable initiatives without having to independently manage their own corporate structure and administrative services.

"We applied to join Conservancy in order to raise the visibility of the​ ​TOS community, and to provide a neutral platform for funding TOS​ ​community activities," said​ Heidi Ellis,​ ​Professor at Western New England University and a member of the​ ​Teaching Open Source Coordinating Committee.​ "Conservancy membership will facilitate​ ​our ability to raise and spend funds in efforts that support student​ ​learning within FLOSS projects."

​Gina Likins, University Outreach at Red Hat and member of the Teaching Open Source Coordinating Committee​, added: "I'm excited to see Teaching Open Source join Conservancy, as a broader base of support will allow TOS to reach more instructors, communities, and students."

"Teaching Open Source is a critical initiative working to empower future generations of free and open source software contributors," said Tony Sebro, Conservancy's General Counsel. "Teaching Open Source's objectives go right to the heart of Conservancy's mission, and we look forward to investing our infrastructure and expertise into helping TOS flourish."

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