coreboot Joins Conservancy as a Member Project

June 1, 2017

Software Freedom Conservancy proudly welcomes coreboot as Conservancy's newest member project. coreboot is is an extended firmware platform that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot experience on modern computers and embedded systems.

Conservancy, a public charity focused on ethical technology, acts as a home to over forty member projects dedicated to developing free and open source software. Conservancy acts as a corporate umbrella, allowing member projects to operate as charitable initiatives without having to independently manage their own corporate structure and administrative services.

"By joining Conservancy, coreboot benefits from their project and community organization skills," said Patrick Georgi, long-term contributor to coreboot. Marc Jones, another coreboot community leader added, "it's important to join with other free software projects, and we're glad to do so under Conservancy's umbrella."

"coreboot is a critical project that empowers users who want to exercise full control over their computers," said Karen Sandler, Conservancy's Executive Director. "We're excited to have coreboot join Conservancy and are thrilled to provide them with the support they need."

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