Clojars is Conservancy’s Newest Member Project

February 23, 2017

Clojars logo

Software Freedom Conservancy is pleased to announce the addition of Clojars as its newest member project. Clojars is a community-maintained repository for free and open source libraries written in the Clojure programming language. Clojars emphasizes ease of use, publishing library packages that are simple to use with build automation tools.

Conservancy is a non-profit public charity focused on ethical technology. It provides a home to its member projects that develop free and open source software. Conservancy helps its projects run as charitable initiatives without having to independently undertake the effort to do it on their own. Joining Conservancy allows projects to collect donations, hold assets, and provide some liability protection for their lead developers’ project-related activities.

“Clojars is proud to join Software Freedom Conservancy,” said Toby Crawley, co-maintainer of the Clojars project. “This will help us continue to develop Clojars, to engage with corporations using Clojars, and to create new programs and funding initiatives to support the growing Clojure community.”

Conservancy Evaluation Committee member Tom Marble commented, “As a Clojure developer I am pleased to welcome Clojars to Conservancy because both value community, collaboration and diversity. Clojars provides a popular network repository for Clojure and ClojureScript packages. It is an essential part of the Clojure development ecosystem. I expect that as a member project, with Conservancy’s guidance, Clojars will grow and thrive.”

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