15 Days Left to Double Your Support for Your Favorite Free & Open Source Software Projects

February 13, 2017

The next 89 Supporters to join Conservancy by the end of February will have their donation doubled! Join or renew today!

After Conservancy signed up over 60 Supporters in just one week, an anonymous donor has decided to extend their match through the end of Conservancy's fiscal year (ending on February 28). Our anonymous donor says, “It's important to expand Conservancy's base of support so that it has stable and predictable finances. It's a bit of a challenge to get people to pay attention to FOSS with a new horror here in the US every day, but free software is as important as ever--if not more so.”

We agree with this sentiment. We work hard to define our goals and focus on our most important issues. Read our statement opposing Trump's Presidential Executive Order on immigration, as well as blog posts by Executive Director, Karen Sandler and Distinguished Technologist, Bradley M. Kuhn on these issues.

The donations you inspire convert directly to the work that you want to see. The more Supporters we have, the more projects we can help with fiscal sponsorship, outreach, and compliance work. There are dozens of projects waiting to join Conservancy, but we don't invite them them to join until we know that we have the resources to help them. Our current projects have been coming forward too to urge Supporters to join; you can see statements of support by many of Conservancy's member projects, including Git, Bro Network Security Monitor, Twisted, Squeak, Outreachy, Godot Game Engine, Homebrew and Selenium.

If you're already a Supporter, please spread the word about this match to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign up (or renew early to be counted in this match). Please post to any appropriate mailing lists, blog and microblogging services. Thank you for supporting software freedom!

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