Executive Director Karen Sandler Took the Main Stage at Campus Party Brasil

Talked to Students about Software Freedom

February 9, 2017

Last week Software Freedom Conservancy’s Executive Director, Karen Sandler, took the stage at Campus Party Brasil to talk about software freedom in her talk “Cyborgs Unite!” Campus Party Brasil 2017 was held in São Paulo, Brazil. This year 8,000 people attended the conference. Targeted at students, many of the attendees camp out in tents at the venue. There are hackathons, workshops, talks and games. The event is extremely festive, and talks are on stages throughout the enormous expo floor.

Karen told her personal story about being an “advogada ciborgue” and needing a defibrillator. She talked about how medical implants are becoming much more common. She explained how critical software freedom is already and how it will become moreso in the future as more people become cyborgs.

“Being present at events such as Campus Party Brasil, where young people are getting excited about technology, is one of the most critical things the free software community can do,” said Karen Sandler. “We must bring the ideals of software freedom to a new generation and make sure that future technology is ethical technology.”

Karen was interviewed by many members of the press, and several articles have appeared in Brazilian news outlets:

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