Karen Sandler Delivered Keynote at OSCON EU, Taught Kids in London about Free Software

October 26, 2016

Conservancy's Executive Director Karen Sandler delivered a keynote last week in London, England at OSCON EU. Karen discussed software freedom ideology and its place relative to social justice issues. Drawing from her experiences looking at medical devices, Karen illustrated software freedom as a threshold issue, at the service of those bigger challenges. Karen stated the case for why software must be free and open in order to solve our biggest social problems effectively in the long term.

While in London, Karen also participated in a hack day with CORE CIC, a UK-based organization focused on osteopathy and helping people live pain free lives. Held at the Hackney New School in London, the hack day helped 14-year-old kids design health-related apps using Micro Bits donated by the BBC. Karen spoke to the kids about the role of technology in peoples' lives and introduced them to ideas around free and open source software.

Karen Sandler at hack day organized by CORE CIC Karen Sandler at hack day organized by CORE CIC

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