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Private Internet Access launches $50,000 match for Software Freedom Conservancy

November 29, 2016

Today on Giving Tuesday, Software Freedom Conservancy announces a generous match by Private Internet Access of $50,000 towards our current fundraiser.

Until January 15, Supporters count twice toward our fundraising goals! If you join or renew as a Supporter now, Private Internet Access will contribute matching support. The next 416 Supporters (both new or renewing, monthly or annually) will have the impact of 832 Supporters. Giving now will quickly advance the progress in our fundraiser and help sustain much of Conservancy's work for free and open source software.

With the funds provided by previous match donors in 2016, Conservancy is over 60% towards our goal of 2,500 Supporters which we need to continue our full programmatic activities through 2017. Become a Supporter today!

The match includes renewing annual supporters, and new supporters who join monthly or annually.

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