Thanks to Private Internet Access and 416 New Supporters!

Extra thanks to LCA Attendees whose Donations Were Tripled

March 2, 2016

Conservancy is thrilled to announce that it has fully earned a generous $50,000 match donation by Private Internet Access. In order to earn the match, Conservancy needed to sign up (or renew) 416 Supporters in just over two months. Conservancy got there with just a few hours to spare. Also during the same time, an anonymous donor sponsored an additional match exclusively for attendees of Linux Conf AU 2016 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Using both matches, 19 new Supporters tripled their donations!

Jonathan Roudier, Chief Executive Officer of Private Internet Access commented, “We congratulate Conservancy on achieving this ambitious match goal. We are proud to support an organization so critical to software freedom, as free and open source software is the cornerstone of true security.”

“Thanks goes not only to Private Internet Access and the anonymous donor for appreciating the value of software freedom and providing such generous match donations, but also to our new and existing Supporters,“ said Karen Sandler, Conservancy's Executive Director. “Many of our Supporters made an even bigger difference by promoting the Supporter campaign which has been critical in getting to this point.”

Conservancy is now over ½ of the way to the goal of saving its license protection services, which include helping our projects with their trademarks, copyright management, and, perhaps most importantly, GPL enforcement. Help stand up for the GPL and become a Conservancy Supporter today!

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