Conservancy's Basic Services Saved, thanks to 750 Supporters; Seeks 2,500 total Supporters

Conservancy invites Supporters to an Exclusive Thank You Event during FOSDEM 2016

January 22, 2016

Software Freedom Conservancy is thrilled to announce that it has reached its first fundraising goal this week of 750 Supporters. Conservancy will be able to continue basic support to its essential free and open source software projects, like Git, Samba, Wine, BusyBox, QEMU, Inkscape, Selenium, and dozens more, not to mention the award-winning diversity program, Outreachy. To celebrate this milestone and to thank its Supporters, Conservancy will be hosting an exclusive cocktail and appetizer reception on the Friday before FOSDEM in Brussels. You must be a Supporter to attend and you must also RSVP to <>.

Only those signed up as Conservancy supporters are invited to the event, and must RSVP by 29 January 2016 at 11am CET. The event will occur on 29 January 2016, and details of the location will be sent in reply to your RSVP. If you would like to attend but are not a Conservancy Supporter, it's not too late to sign up and then RSVP.

We overwhelmed with appreciation for the support Conservancy already received from the community during our fundraiser. With the current level of supporter sign-ups and match pledges, we are now more than a third of the way to our final goal of saving our license protection services, which include helping our projects with their trademarks, copyright management, and, perhaps most importantly, GPL enforcement. If you don't become a Supporter now, we will be forced to reduce our operations and hibernate GPL enforcement. Please help us continue to provide these vital services to our member projects!

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