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Linux Australia Sponsors Conservancy with A$10,000 Donation

December 19, 2016

Watch Hugh Bleming’s comments at the closing session of linux.conf.au 2016

Linux Australia just donated A$10,000 to Software Freedom Conservancy. At the closing session of this year’s linux.conf.au, President Hugh Blemings remarked:

On behalf of the Council I’d like to announce… that we’re actually in the process of making a significant donation from Linux Australia to Software Freedom Conservancy as well. I urge all of you to consider contributing individual as well, and there is much left for us to be done as a community on that front.

This donation fulfills that promise to sponsor Conservancy’s work supporting the free and open source software community. Conservancy’s Executive Director Karen Sandler commented, “This donation is very meaningful to us both for the monetary amount and the fact that it represents such strong support from so many individuals who are passionate about software freedom and Conservancy.”

You can read more about linux.conf.au 2016 on Bradley’s blog. Of course, Conservancy will be at linux.conf.au 2017 in Hobart next month too. Learn more about all the different sessions we’ll be presenting.

Our thanks to Linux Australia for their support of Conservancy and the free and open source software community.

Conservancy is currently seeking to raise money from individuals in order to continue to fulfill its charitable mission. Donations that we receive now are matched by Private Internet Access and count twice. Please donate today!

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