Korean Copyright Commission Publishes "Principles of Community Oriented GPL Compliance" in Korean

Karen Sandler Featured Speaker in Seoul Conference

October 29, 2015

As part of Software Freedom Conservancy's participation in the Open Source SW License Insight Conference in Seoul on October 14, the Korean Copyright Commission (KCC) has published the Principles of Community Oriented GPL Compliance translated in Korean. The document is available for download on KCC's Website and on Conservancy's site in html and as a pdf. The Principles were published by the Free Software Foundation and Conservancy earlier this month, and set forth norms around community-oriented enforcement, removing uncertainty for companies who face compliance actions and providing criteria for evaluating whether license compliance is in the community's interest.

Conservancy's Executive Director Karen Sandler was a featured speaker at the Conference; in her talk, she gave an introduction to the ideology of software freedom and disscussed Conservancy's compliance work.

In addition to the conference, Sandler also spoke at a seminar held by the KCC in which she discussed the Principles in depth. The event was covered in Korean news. Both events are part of a KCC initiative to bring greater understanding of free and open source software in Korea. The KCC has published the translation of the Principles to increase materials that are available to Korean developers.

“I am thrilled that the Principles are available in Korean so soon after their initial publication,“ said Sandler. “I was very impressed with the KCC's events and look forward to seeing participation of Korean developers in free software to grow even further.“

Karen Sandler with other speakers a the conference Karen Sandler presenting at the conference

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