Software Freedom Conservancy Updates VMware Lawsuit FAQ

FAQ Now Includes Technical Example of GPL Violation

March 12, 2015

Software Freedom Conservancy has updated its Frequently Asked Questions list in connection with the lawsuit filed by Christoph Hellwig against VMware last week in Germany. Responding to requests for more technical detail regarding VMware's GNU GPL violation, Conservancy has added a specific example that shows one of the ways that VMware combined Linux source code with binary-only components. The new FAQ entries also address the question of VMware's so-called “shim layer”.

We expect to continue updating the FAQ over the duration of the suit against VMware, said Karen Sandler, Executive Director of Conservancy. The litigation team understands that the public will have questions and they are committed to providing as much information as counsel recommends we can share in a way that's available to everyone.

Conservancy has an ongoing campaign to raise money to support the lawsuit and its other activities to support and defend software freedom. An anonymous match challenge for $50,000 is also ongoing, and as of the date of this announcement, 78% of a $50,000 match has been met by over 900 donations. Please, become a Conservancy Supporter or donate to the campaign now.

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