Bradley and Karen speaking this week at LCA

January 12, 2015

Conservancy's Executive Director, Karen Sandler, and its Distinguished Technologist, Bradley Kuhn, are speaking this week at Linux Conf Australia. This year, LCA is being held in Auckland, New Zealand. Both Bradley and Karen are speaking on Thursday.

Bradley's talk is entitled "Considering the Future of Copyleft: How Will The Next Generation Perceive GPL?". In his talk, Bradley will discuss the complicated situation around copyleft and license choices. He will examine widespread and common failures in GPL compliance and how many licensing choices are today in the hands of corporate employers.

Karen will be presenting "The Low Down on IRS status for Free and Open Source Software Nonprofits in the US". This talk sheds light on recent news stories by discussing the tax situation in the US for free and open source software organizations. It will include a summary of the situation to date and how it impacts organizations in the US going forward.

LCA records their sessions and usually posts these videos following the conference if you are unable to attend Karen and Bradley's talks in person.

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