Conservancy Announces 2015: Year In Review Series

Follow Conservancy's Blog This December for a Recap of Work This Year!

December 10, 2015

Conservancy announces today a blog post series called, Conservancy 2015: The Year in Review. This series will run throughout December 2015 and will recap major events in Open Source and Free Software that Conservancy impacted through the year of 2015.

You can subscribe to Conservancy's blog via RSS, but we'll also post the series to Conservancy's announcement email list, as well as your favorite social media outlets, including (, and twitter, Google+, and Youtube.

It's been a busy year for everyone, especially those of us here at Conservancy, so we welcome you to spend your December with us — catching up together on all the exciting happenings of 2015!

Blog posts in this series include:

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