Software Freedom Conservancy Launches Supporter Program

December 3, 2014

Software Freedom Conservancy announces today the launching of the Conservancy Supporter program. This annual donation program allows individuals to provide ongoing support to Conservancy and its charitable activities.

Under the Supporter program, for an annual donation of $120, donors receive:

Donating to Conservancy is a great non-technical way to contribute to the cause, said Karen Sandler, Executive Director of Conservancy. By being a member you show you care about the community support of free and open source software. I hope people include Conservancy in their year-end charitable giving.

Individual support of charities is essential to their survival, said Bradley M. Kuhn, President and Distinguished Technologist of Conservancy. I know many individuals value our work at Conservancy, and I hope they will become supporters today.

About Software Freedom Conservancy

Software Freedom Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization that promotes, improves, develops and defends Free, Libre and Open Source software projects. Conservancy is home more than thirty software projects — including Git, Inkscape, Samba, Wine, Selenium, the Linux Compliance project, PyPy, and Sugar Labs — each supported by a dedicated community of volunteers, developers and users. Conservancy's projects include some of the most widely used software systems in the world across many application areas, including educational software deployed in schools around the globe, embedded software systems deployed in most consumer electronic devices, distributed version control developer tools, integrated library services systems, and widely used graphics and art programs. A full list of Conservancy's member projects is available. Conservancy provides these projects with the necessary infrastructure and not-for-profit support services to enable each project's communities to focus on what they do best: creating innovative software and advancing computing for the public's benefit.

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