Conservancy Joins GNOME Foundation's Outreach Program for Women

Twisted Project Offers A Summer Internship for Women

March 27, 2012

Software Freedom Conservancy, in coordination with the GNOME Foundation, announces today that Conservancy will join the GNOME Foundation's 2012 Outreach Program for Women. This program seeks to engage women in the development, documentation and general improvement of Free Software. Concurrently with the Google Summer of Code, the Outreach Program for Women additionally funds internships for women to spend the summer participating in and contributing to Free Software projects while being mentored by an experienced member of the Free Software community.

This summer, Conservancy's Twisted project offers a $5,000 internship for one woman to be mentored by long-time Twisted contributor Jessica McKellar. Jessica has designed a program with goals and milestones to help and guide this year's participant in the Twisted project to engage in self-guided work and become part of the Twisted project's community. Interested candidates should send applications and inquires to <>, after reviewing the full details and application requirements on the 2012 outreach internship available on Twisted's wiki. This internship, while funded and paid via the Conservancy, will follow the internship rules outlined by the GNOME Foundation's Outreach Program for Women.

Meanwhile, other Conservancy projects participating in Google's 2012 Summer of Code also seek to increase participation by women this year. Conservancy's Evergreen and SWIG projects are both participating in the Google Summer of Code, and invite and encourage women who are eligble and interested in those projects to apply through the Google Summer of Code program. And, even more opportunities for internships for women can be found with the GNOME Foundation's Outreach Program For Women.

Conservancy and the GNOME Foundation urge women who aspire to get involved with Free Software projects this summer to act fast! The deadline for applications for all these programs is April 6th, just one week away!

About the Organizations

The Software Freedom Conservancy and the GNOME Foundation are both 501(c)(3) nonprofits, organized to promote software freedom. More information about Conservancy can be found on Conservancy's website, and more information about the GNOME Foundation can be found on GNOME's website.

The GNOME Outreach Program for Women encourages women to become involved in GNOME and Free Software by connecting them with mentors and providing internship opportunities. More information is available on the Outreach Program For Women website.

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