Peter Brown and Stormy Peters Appointed as Directors of Software Freedom Conservancy

Two Experienced Non-Profit Managers Expand Conservancy's Excellent Leadership Team

August 15, 2011

Today, the Software Freedom Conservancy announces the appointment of two new members on its Board of Directors. The new directors, Peter Brown and Stormy Peters, bring even more excellent expertise to Conservancy's Directorship, which includes many substantially experienced non-profit and Open Source and Free Software project leaders.

Peter Brown brings to Conservancy more than twenty years of non-profit management and finance experience. He served as the Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) from 2005 until 2011, and previously as FSF's Financial Controller and GPL Compliance Lab Manager. Peter has also been a Director of New Internationalist Publications Cooperative, and worked in London for BBC Network Radio.

Stormy Peters also brings a wealth of non-profit leadership experience. Stormy is currently Head of Developer Engagement at Mozilla, and has been passionate about Open Source software for many years. Stormy is also an adviser for HFOSS, IntraHealth Open and Open Source for America, founder and president of Kids on Computers (a nonprofit organization setting up computer labs in developing countries), and serves on the Board of Directors of the GNOME Foundation.

Conservancy's Directors also appointed Peter Brown as Conservancy's Treasurer. Mark Galassi, Conservancy's Vice-President, had hitherto filled in temporarily in the position of Treasurer, in addition to his ongoing work as Vice-President and on the Board of Directors.

Conservancy's Directors manage the organization, oversee the work of Conservancy's President and Executive Director (Bradley M. Kuhn), and evaluate applications for membership for Conservancy submitted by Open Source and Free Software projects. Conservancy welcomes Peter's and Stormy's assistance and contribution to this important work, and also thanks its current directors and officers for their continued efforts. All Conservancy's directors and officers are currently volunteers, except for Kuhn, who is employed full-time by Conservancy as its Executive Director.

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