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Amarok Launches its Roktober 2010 Fundraiser!

October 11, 2010

The Amarok Project announced today its annual month-long fundraising campaign. The Conservancy hopes that users of the Amarok desktop music and oggcast player will give generously to support their work.

In the last twelve months, the Amarok team has made more than 4,000 commits, closed over 4,000 bugs, released 6 new versions of Amarok, wrote a Quick Start Guide to Amarok, attended over 10 conferences to promote and advance Amarok, including a big developer sprint in Switzerland. All of this is thanks to your generous donations! With your help, the Amarok team hopes to do even more next year!

Additionally, Amarok has chosen to donate a portion of their collected donations to benefit the Conservancy's general fund, which supports our work providing services to Conservancy's many member projects.

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