FOSSY: Propose a Commmunity Track!

SFC will be hosting a community oriented conference this coming summer August 1-4th, 2024 in Portland, Oregon in the United States. Focused on the creation and impact of free and open source software, uplifting contributors of all experience. We plan to have 8 tracks of talks over 4 days and to dedicate a substantial portion of these track to community run tracks, similar to the DevRooms at FOSDEM or the miniconfs at LinuxConfAU. We'd like to invite you to run a track based on a topic you're passionate about. If selected, you will be responsible for inviting speakers, selecting talks and organising the schedule for your track. If that sounds good to you, please fill in the form to tell us more about your idea. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at

Please understand that organizing a track is a signficant amount of work, and while we'll be so grateful for your contributions, depending on sponsor sign ups we are unlikely to be able to pay stipends or fund travel for speakers or organizers of your track (please let us know if travel is burdensome for you as an organizer). Given the high work load of organizing a conference track, we expect at least two people to be responsible (see primary and secondary proposer's below). Feel free to include more later, but we need at least two people for the proposal.

Please fill out the questions below to apply. We want the conference to appeal to a wide audience, so are looking for tracks ranging from specific technical topics and people-focused themes, to the collaborative future of free software. We'd like to see a diversity of both niche and general topics that allow people from different backgrounds to participate.

The deadline for submission is Thursday April 25th 2024.

What do you hope to cover, who would you like to apply to speak and what audience would you like to attend?

What experience and unique perspective will you bring to the track, do you have experience running a conference track?

What elements of the technical, legal, community and diversity issues of FOSS does your track provide?

Expected length of track, minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 4 days

Technical, accessibility or other needs

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