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Conservancy will continue our basic community services, thanks to our first 750 Supporters! We still need 809 more Supporters to avoid reducing licensing work & hibernating our enforcement efforts in 2017.
1,031 have joined so far. Thus, our 750 goal was achieved & 281 have joined beyond that. Also, match pledges reduced our 2,500 maximum need by 660 !

February 28, 2013

Conservancy Publishes FY2011 Annual Report, Public Filings

Software Freedom Conservancy has published its Fiscal Year 2011 annual report, covering Conservancy and its member projects' activities from March 1, 2011 thru February 29, 2012. Conservancy's FY2011 annual report can be downloaded in PDF and Open Office formats. Except as noted in the report, all content in the annual report is licensed under CC-By-SA-3.0 USA.

In addition, Conservancy has posted its FY2011 Federal and New York state filings, as well as its FY2011 independent auditor's report. All of Conservancy's historical annual filings can be downloaded from Conservancy's website.

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