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Conservancy needs 750 Supporters to continue its basic community services & 2,500 to avoid hibernating its enforcement efforts! The next 35 supporters who sign up before next Tuesday will count twice thanks to an anonymous match donor!
410 have joined so far and match pledges reduced our 2,500 maximum need by 98 !

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December 1, 2015

Success! And a New Challenge for Giving Tuesday

Thanks to all of your amazing efforts, we signed up all of the new Supporters needed to earn our Black Friday match! And the good news is that all of the buzz that you've generated around this campaign to keep Conservancy going and save our enforcement work inspired another anonymous donor to step forward! This donor is willing to match 50 new Supporters in a $6,000 match.


November 27, 2015

Black Friday Deal for Software Freedom!

In the U.S. there's a tradition the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping. It's "officially" the first day of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores have discount deals to lure shoppers out. It's quite famous for people to get competitive over whatever the hottest product is.

Well, shopping isn't our thing (though we're excited about the FSF's holiday gift giving guide), but we at Conservancy are thrilled to let you know about today's hot deal for freedom...


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