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March 6, 2012

Conservancy and jQuery Board Announce the jQuery Foundation

The jQuery Board, in conjunction with Software Freedom Conservancy, is proud to announce the formation of the jQuery Foundation, Inc., an independent organization that will manage jQuery, the Internet's number one JavaScript library, and its constituent projects. The jQuery Board previously administered jQuery under the aegis of Conservancy, a public charity that acts as a non-profit home for free software projects.

The new jQuery Foundation is a non-profit trade association dedicated to supporting development of the jQuery Core, UI, and Mobile projects; providing jQuery documentation and support; and fostering the jQuery community.

Dave Methvin, who recently took over as the head of the jQuery Core development team, will also serve as the Foundation’s President. “jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library, and creating an autonomous organization is the next step in ensuring its future development and benefiting everyone who uses jQuery”, said Methvin. “We'll be announcing several initiatives shortly, including the next jQuery Conference and other efforts driven by needs within the community and the project.”

“I'm extremely excited to see the jQuery Foundation springing to life. I'm glad that Dave Methvin is leading the Foundation and the direction of the core library. He's a good friend and exceedingly capable of moving jQuery forward”, said John Resig, who created the library in 2005. “Meanwhile, I've been spending more time focusing on improving the state of JavaScript and programming education at Khan Academy. I’m psyched to be a part of the jQuery core team and Foundation and can't wait to see how jQuery grows in the upcoming years.”

“We are proud that the jQuery Board has built jQuery into a vibrant and successful Open Source community under Conservancy's mentorship,” said Bradley M. Kuhn, Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy. “Our mission includes helping member projects determine whether to form their own organization, and we're pleased jQuery is the first Conservancy project to take that step.”

The jQuery Foundation would like to thank Joel G. Kinney of Fort Point Legal, whose generous pro-bono counsel has been invaluable in transitioning to an independent organization. The jQuery Foundation is also proud to accept an honorary first donation from the Linux Fund, which has chosen to continue its tradition of supporting the open source community with a contribution to the Foundation’s inaugural operating expense budget.

About jQuery

Created in 2005 by John Resig as a JavaScript library to provide an intuitive approach for working with the DOM and Ajax, jQuery has steadily gained popularity among the development community and is the most widely-adopted JavaScript library in use today.

About the jQuery Foundation

The jQuery Foundation is a non-profit trade association and the home of jQuery, the Internet's number one JavaScript library. Founded by a group of leading JavaScript developers and architects, the jQuery Foundation is dedicated to three goals: supporting development of the jQuery Core, UI, and Mobile projects; providing jQuery documentation and support; and fostering the jQuery community.

jQuery Foundation, Inc. is a Delaware non-profit currently seeking IRS 501(c)(6) status. Donations to the jQuery Foundation will be used to further the goals of the Foundation. For more information, visit

About Software Freedom Conservancy

Software Freedom Conservancy is a non-profit organization that helps promote, improve, develop and defend Free, Libre and Open Source software projects. Conservancy is a home to twenty-eight software projects, each supported by a dedicated community of volunteers, developers, and users. Conservancy's projects include some of the most widely used software systems in the world across many application areas, including educational software deployed in schools around the globe, embedded software systems deployed in most consumer electronic devices, distributed version control developer tools, integrated library services systems, and widely used graphics and art programs. A full list of Conservancy's projects can be found at Conservancy provides to these projects the necessary infrastructure and not-for-profit support services to enable the project's communities to focus on what they do best: creating innovative software and advancing computing for the public's benefit.

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