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November 11, 2011

Please Support Conservancy's Efforts This Fall

Conservancy Seeks Funding to Support Free Software Development in the Public Good

Conservancy asks that this fall you contribute to one of the four fundraising drives currently going on for a few of our member projects. However, if none of those interest you, we hope you'll donate to Conservancy directly!

This fall, Conservancy has four directed fundraising campaigns. First, launched for their “Rocktober” annual fundraising drive, Conservancy's Amarok project seeks support for its future development.

Meanwhile, Conservancy's Mercurial project seeks funding to keep Matt Mackall as full-time Mercurial maintainer for another year. You can make a directed donation to the Mercurial project for this purpose.

Finally, Conservancy's PyPy project has two fundraising drives. First, the PyPy community seeks donations to fund Py3k support in PyPy. Second, PyPy hopes to receive enough donations to add a Numpy implementation to PyPy.

As always, if you simply want to generally support Conservancy's work, you can also donate directly to Conservancy as well. As a 501(c)(3) charity in New York, Conservancy relies on your charitable giving to support our work providing the many services to our member projects. If you support our work and mission, please keep Conservancy in your thoughts as you decide on your annual charitable giving in 2011!

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