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Conservancy Seeks FOSS Website designer for Small Project Site

September 7, 2021

Conservancy seeks immediate services from an experienced, contract website designer able to design a site using only Free and Open Source Software (including Free fonts!). We only need to layout five-to-six pages of content for a landing site for a new initiative, so we're estimating just 10-25 hours of work, but we need it done this month.

The site will contain only static data, can be deployed on its own VM and separate from our other infrastructure, so you can use any (FOSS only!) software you want to create the site and deploy it. We'll be drafting the content for it; you'll be focused on layout, design, and aesthetics.

If you're a contract website designer and would like this short contract, please email <> with a one-paragraph cover letter that includes URLs of (at least) two sites for which you were the primary designer. Resumes may be included but are not necessary. Please send everything in Free formats. Hourly rate will be US$20 - US$60 per hour, commensurate with experience.

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